22 11, 2018

Lulu Episode

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Lulu episode still in rendering yet. May be last week of November will be finishing all the shots together for final output. Stay tuned guys! Keep supporting my work on my patron or subscribestar.
Thank you

3 10, 2018

New SubscribeStar Campaign!

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Hello guys!
Just starting new campaign here
My patreon page also running but too many NSFW creator’s these days survive as Patreon creator, So I just start as alternative of patreon page.
My Patreon Page also running.
Here Just putting a alternative of patreon.
Now talk about my upcoming Project so Lulu Episode will be release on this month.
but only for my great patreon or SubscribeStar supporters only.

20 07, 2018

Adding New Tier in My Patreon Page

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Hey guys just adding new tier here. if they(My Great Supporters) can’t afford 10$ per month.
Keep alive my project for continue your support.
I’m Still doing my day job….so here in patreon can’t able to put regular basis stuff.
Hope you can understand.
Your support is very important for me
Thank you


27 04, 2018

LCC Release Dates Scheduled

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Hey guys! GOOD NEWS for now.
Finally LCC Episode-I will be available for download on 31ST May.
This release will be available only for my great patron supporters only.
This is not for Public Release anyway.
The download file will be in RAR format with Password Protected.
I will send the password in your message box there in patron supporters.
Thank you!


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